Ms. Wenda L. Koon; Founder/Artistic Director
Resurrection Dance Company; RDC

Resurrection Dance Company; RDC

Not your typical Christian company...


Welcome to Resurrection Dance Company; RDC
....Christianity brings the fruits of our labour....

RDC is not your ordinary dance company; we deal with the Bible in its entirety. However, we display persons{ though dance} who do not follow God's rules--
The Ten Commandments and cardinal sins

Simply put, we disclose those who practice the following:
adultery, hatred, jealously, manipulation, deceit, praying to false gods, murder, immorality, *greed, *anger, *lust,*pride, *wrath, *envy, *gluttony

 Book of Proverbs 6:16-19:

Solomon it states that the Lord specifically regards "six things the Lord hateth, and seven that are an abomination unto Him", namely: 
A proud look....A lying tongue....Hands that shed innocent blood.....A heart that devises wicked plots.....Feet that are swift to run into mischief......A deceitful witness that uttereth lies......Him that soweth discord among brethren

Resurrection Dance Company; RDC is founded and directed by Wenda L. Koon in 2005 {although, the mission, goals, and repertoire were under a different name in 2002}. RDC is simply, a company that combines dance with important causes. We strive to create diverse choreography performed by selfless professional dancers. Our choreography ranges from ballet and lyrical to abstract and contemporary.

RDC stemmed originally from its first name, Dancer Enterprise Dance Company, founded in 2002, under the direction of Ms. Koon. Our signature piece is Drug Addiction {music by Alice in Chains}. Although, RDC begun as under a different name--the choreography, music, and mission remained the same.

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Artistic Director/Founder; Wenda L. Koon

RDC Company  and RDC II Auditions...
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December 10-20, 2020 

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RDC II and RDC Ensemble.....
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Sold Out Hallelujah
Ciaran Gribbin (My Killer My King)